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Steve Jobs, you will be forever missed.

This week’s PS Patriot of the Week is Apple Founder and American Icon, Steve Jobs. After years of battling pancreatic cancer, Mr. Jobs passed away last Wednesday, spurring many all over the world to leave flowers and notes in front of their nearest Apple store. The man has left an indelible mark on humanity and forged what many see as the foundations of the 21st century. Since Apple’s inception, Jobs and the genius minds in Silicon Valley have continually proven Apple to be an amazing American company, that has led the way in home computer, portable music device, telephone, and even electronic tablet markets.

Personally, I see Steve Jobs as the Thomas Edison of my generation. He gave consumers of the 21st century things like the iPad, devices that will fundamentally change the lives of everyone, from doctors to college students. His death at 56 years of age is an absolute shame. I will never forget the way he carried himself and presented his beliefs. Job’s attitude on life and creativity is best reflected in the simple Apple mantra, “think different.”

Below, is a little video of Steve giving a commencement speech at Stanford back in 2005, “Truth be told, I never graduated from college, and this is the closest I ever got to a college graduation…”

Steve, you will be forever missed.