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A new five-part series will be hitting PBS on Tuesday titled, Women, War and Peace.

According to the official site, the first episode will air Tuesday night at 10PM and will take viewers to Bosnia.

Episode: I Came to Testify

The moving story of how a group of 16 women who had been imprisoned and raped by Serb-led forces took the witness stand in an international court of law. Their remarkable courage resulted in a triumphant verdict that led to new international laws about sexual violence in war.

The PBS miniseries will air Tuesday nights from October 11th til November 8th.

For all you fans of Matt Damon out there, Mr. Damon will be narrating a few episodes. I thought he did a great job narrating the documentary of the 2008 financial crash, Inside Job.

And make sure to up your Philosophical Swag and check Women, War and Peace!