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What do you care about? Are you simply a passenger in this game of life or do you demand more? Are you a victim of the hand you were dealt or do you demand to play with more than just the original deck?

What matters to me? What am I passionate about? When I ask myself these questions, I simply look up. In my opinion, not many things can even begin to compete with the accomplishments of landing on the Moon or that of the Mars robotic rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.

Back in 2003, the Mars Exploration Rover Mission began by sending two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity to go and explore the Martian surface.

Analyzing samples of the rocky terrain and taking unbelievable pictures, the rovers were initially planned to remain active for 90 days. Surviving 6 years, 2 months and 19 days, Spirit’s mission finally ended after getting stuck in an area of soft soil. Keep in mind this is over 25 times longer than originally projected!

As of 2011, Opportunity remains active, still performing extensive studies on the Martian surface. The amazing video below combines a series of 3 years of daily photos taken by Opportunity and compiles them into a fluid video.

So ask yourself… what do you care about? Do you dream for something more? Both Spirit and Opportunity serve as impressive testaments to the human race’s ability to adventure further and search for more. The cosmos hold the answers to so many questions and they also pose so many questions. I will end this post with a popular photo, titled, Pale Blue Dot. It’s one of my favorite pictures… it puts things into perspective. Pale Blue Dot was taken from about 6 billion kilometers from Earth. The tiny dot in the brown vertical band on the left of the image, well, that’s EARTH. Everything you have ever known… all in that tiny spec. My hero and past Patriot of the Week, Dr. Carl Sagan once said,

“all of human history has happened on that tiny pixel, which is our only home.”

So I guess it all comes back to a few simple questions? What do you care about? Are you an Adventurer? Where do you want humanity to spend it resources and time?