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I was fortunate enough to hear Dr. Michio Kaku speak last night and all I can say is he is an extremely entertaining, intelligent human being. Many have called him one of the best “popularizers” of science since Carl Sagan, and for good reason! After seeing him give an hour and a half long lecture on the future of technology in the next 20 years; I really can’t deny it.

Dr. Kaku spoke about a variety of cool technology we should all be excited about, but his lecture mainly focused on Moore’s Law and how as time progresses computer processing and technology (in general) gets cheaper and cheaper. He had one particular point that was really wild, about the little computer chips in a birthday card that sings to you, you know the kind that is disposable these days, yet is still more advanced than what all the Allied forces were using during WWII! He also explained that technology will be layered into almost everything, so we will have products like a tech-enhanced toilet that will allow us to find out if we have cancer cells in our body ten years earlier than currently possible. The possibilities are mind-boggling.

I have also posted a video of Dr. Kaku explaining how America manages to compete in the scientific community, even though our public school system is failing to produce a high enough volume of competitive, scientific minds these days.

I will post a much more in-depth look at Dr. Kaku in the near future. Thanks for reading!