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The leaves are falling and it’s that time of the year again, Halloween. Halloween is easily one of my favorite annual traditions I choose to embrace. Regardless of what you have typically done in the past, I strongly recommend thrifting! I went yesterday afternoon and found some pretty good stuff.

I’m going as Patrick Bateman from the classic book and movie, American Psycho. If you havn’t heard of it; Get it in the know! It’s a classic. Interestingly enough, Christian Bale was warned if he did the role his career would be over… guess they were wrong! My costume below. Tie $2 at Goodwill. All other accessories were not procured thrifting but actually found for under $1 at the local Dollar Tree (except the paint smock).

Note: I was going to post the scene from the movie I am taking my costume from, but it’s pretty explicit. So, if you are still curious just YouTube, “American Psycho Paul Allen Scene.” Screen Cap Below.

Anyways thrifting is a great way to get your costume materials on the cheap and maybe just maybe; build up your personal library? All the books you see posted below I got for only $14 at my local Goodwill.

I have been steadily building up my personal library through this strategy and encourage you to get your Philosophical Swag on in a similar fashion! Hope you have a great time thrifting and finding your Halloween essentials!

Extra: If you are interested… Interview with Charlie Rose, Christian Bale, Director Mary Harron, and Bret Easton Ellis.