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Writer and humorist, Mark Twain was a master of his craft. The picture above is pretty spectacular in that it captures Serbian-American Inventor Nicola Tesla, alongside Twain, and one of his scientific experiments. Tesla is generally known for his groundbreaking work with electricity and the Tesla Coil.

According to an article posted back in June by Afflictor.com,

“As the story goes, Mr. Twain stood on a platform of the machine while Tesla set the oscillator into operation. Twain was enjoying himself greatly and exclaimed: ‘This gives you vigour and vitality.’ After some time Tesla warned the writer that he should come down, but Twain was having fun and he refused. Tesla again insisted, but Twain stayed on the machine for several minutes more until, suddenly, he exclaimed: ‘Quick, Tesla. Where is it?’ Tesla directed his friend to the restroom. Twain had experienced first hand what had been known to the laboratory workers for some time: the laxative effect of the machine’s vibrations.”

What I would give to have spent the day with those two! Anyways, Twain was a non-stop quotable. Here’s one of my favorite,

“‘Classic.’ A book which people praise and don’t read.”

And now for the only known video footage of Mark Twain. It’s a film taken by Thomas Edison in 1909. According to the uploader,

“Silent film footage taken in 1909 by Thomas Edison at Stormfield (CT) at Mark Twain’s estate. Twain is shown walking around his home and playing cards with his daughters Clara and Jean. The flickering is due to film deterioration, but this is the only known footage of the great author.”

In other Twain-related news, Actor Will Ferrell was just awarded the Kennedy Center’s 2011 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. For additional reading visit, the Huff Post article.

Thanks for checking out Philosophical Swag! Shout out to Afflictor.com and their amazing article from where I got this story!