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Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to provide some possible options for costumes this year. 

Albert Einstein –  crazy white hair.. white apron

Leonardo Da Vinci – paint brush, old clothes from renaissance era, maybe have coffee stained plans for inventions in your back pocket?

Michelangelo – paint smock and paint brush, you get the idea…

Thomas Edison – era appropriate clothing with a light bulb

Pablo Picasso – (see Da Vinci and Michelangelo) maybe try the one ear thing

Louis Pasteur – something with milk?

Any philosophers – I know it’s general but… wear a toga?

Other Individuals to consider:

Nikola Tesla,  Immanuel Kant, Aristotle, Thomas Jefferson, Plato, Marie Curie, Elizabeth I, Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Golda Meir, Jane Adams, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, William Shakespeare, Wolfgang Amadeus, Mozart, Socrates, Sir Isaac Newton, Martin Luther, John Locke, Charles Darwin, Salvador Dali, Sigmund Freud, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, Rumi, , The Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jim Henson

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading Philosophical Swag!