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David J. Rothkopf has Philosophical Swag. Mr. Rothkopf is a well-respected author and foreign policy analyst who is also a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and contributor to Foreignpolicy.com.

I choose David Rothkopf for this week’s Patriot of the Week because he has hit the nail on the head. How do you describe the Kardashian Divorce, the Arab Spring, and the Occupy Wall Street Movement? I urge you to take a look at Rothkopf’s most recent article over at ForeignPolicy.com.

The cleverly titled piece, “The Kardashian Era: Forging an identity for our times,” goes on to poke fun at the ridiculouslessness of the Kardashian Fascination and describes what important events transpired during those sacred 72 days.

My favorite excerpt,

“And in that time, this simple beautiful act, this daring leap into love, elevated and distracted us and allowed us to cling to hope. Because if these two virtual strangers with no education and almost no talent other than ambition itself could will themselves into a marriage that made them millions — even if it did last no longer than the Tweets by which they announced each of their carefully calculated mood-swings and spats — then maybe riches were not just for Wall Street geniuses who went to Harvard, maybe TV shows were not just for the beautiful or the gifted, maybe marriage was not just for those who found real love. Maybe sub-average, sub-interesting, sub-useful people could fake their way through this mess just like the big time financial fraudsters and get loads of good gifts, press coverage, and big fat checks for their efforts.”

In another recent article by Rothkopf, he states why energy policy has hit such a road bump,

“But of course, the reason an energy policy is so essential is because real energy policy is not just about green jobs, it is about every single job in the United States. Every business depends on access to energy. So do individual citizens and the economy as a whole. Energy, the largest industrial sector in the world, touches every other sector in profound ways. Interruptions in supply, spikes in prices, changes in regulation, shifts in demand, and innovations in technology have ripple effects that go from border to border, from the top to the bottom of the economy.”

Rothkopf went on to explain that President Obama should initiate an inter-agency effort to develop a national energy policy and lead the way just in time before the next election. I also agree that America can no longer wait for a revamp in energy policy. It would put so many people back to work and be the best investment this nation could possibly make at the current time being.

Rothkopf not only provides the best description of what is going on right now, but he does it with comedy and grace. My hat’s off to you sir. Keep the great insight coming and keep it funny!

Don’t forget to check out Rothkopf’s upcoming book, Power, Inc.: The Epic Rivalry Between Big Business and Government–and the Reckoning That Lies Ahead.

Confession: I may or may not have a poster of Kim Kardashian in my room… regardless, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Rothkopf.

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