About Me

I am a product of divorce, boom and bust economics, and the invention of Adderall and Redbull. I am lucky enough to attend a school of higher education and focus on something I love, Diplomacy and Global Politics. I eat, breathe, and dream about politics, science, and trending culture. This site is merely the digital manifestation of my dreams, thoughts, and opinion. I hope you find it interesting and come back!


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I like the angle to which you do your posts on, pretty cool.

  2. check out http://www.philisophicalstore.com I branded a brand back in 1998. Bringing it back to life this year! Lets talk.

  3. Evan Kirkham said:

    Awesome stuff man! I think I just read through every post on the entire site. Wish I had something like this set up. Keep posting and I will keep reading.

    p.s. I would love to contribute some material, you should totally set up a contributors page! ha

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