Mission Statement

Philosophical Swag aims to analyze, advocate, and lead the discussion on what needs to happen with my generation (Hey Arnold, 9/11, Snooki) and its priorities.

This will be an outlet for all sorts of things you may find interesting. It won’t be a simple “blog” or your typical, run of the mill, “traditional website.” I will try to do the delicate dance in-between these general stereotypes. I’ll post and comment on famous people, trending topics, and note observations I see in my daily life.

If you are here because of a message I sent you or a conversation I had with you.. thank you! I submit my utmost gratitude to you for stopping by.

Be sure to “like” the link on the Home page and comment on any posts you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to explore around!

Disclaimer: The author claims full ownership of all articles herein but doesn’t claim ownership of all photos posted on this site. If the respective copyright owners wish for their photos to be taken down, feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment and these will be taken down immediately.


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